Monday, March 3, 2014

Facing new challenges...

This semester I'm taking quite a lot of Educational Technology classes to finish up my minor. I feel like I'm constantly working on this project or that project because of the triad of technology-related courses, but it's keeping me on my toes and pushing me to new challenges; I like that. I've been challenged to think outside the box, create things with software I haven't used before, shoot videos with equipment I'm unfamiliar with, and take photos with a new perspective on photography. Although some of these projects don't relate directly with education, it's keeping my creativity up and giving me ideas for how to use various technology as a teacher!

Recently in my Technology & Human Communication course, we were instructed to create a video using already made clips from YouTube (or anywhere on the internet, really). Our challenge was to take two pieces of visual media and mash them together to create something new with a different meaning or to make a statement. My project is called "16 Going on 17" and it showcases my opinion of the changes the typical teenager has seen throughout the last century. I used clips from fairly iconic "teen" visual media to do this. You can check it out below!

Currently I'm working on a How-To video for another class called Multi-Media Planning & Production. I've mentioned before that I'm a Resident Assistant, so I thought a fun, familiar theme would be how to confront residents who are drinking alcohol. I used some fellow RAs and some of my residents to act in my video and I just finished shooting it all today. I'm excited to edit it soon, and I'll post it to my blog as soon as it's finished!

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