Monday, December 16, 2013

A swift attempt to be a judge for a day...

Throughout this semester for my Emerging Instructional Technology course we were required to participate in judging for a Global Youth Debate. Through judging, we were able to see how an instructor could collaborate with another instructor around the world and bring their students together. My group was instructed to listen to two teams of high school students use VoiceThread to present their debate. One group of students was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, while the second group hailed from Vienna, Austria. The idea behind the Global Youth Debate is spectacular, and I can definitely see the benefits of doing a collaboration like this. However, in my opinion, as a judge, it was quite confusing.

I felt a little lost in the whole process and never really knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It seemed to me like I was winging it and hoping for the best. As a group of judges, we utilized a Google Doc to keep track of the comments about each group of high school students. I think I could have contributed more of my opinions and have been more dedicated to the debate if there was some kind of quick Google Form for me to fill out each time I listened to a debate.

It was an interesting experience, I will say! I think it could have been planned and implemented a little bit better with slightly more time and preparation. Perhaps the next group of EITF students will get to participate in the upcoming Spring semester and it will flow much smoother for them! Best of luck to them.