Monday, November 11, 2013

Touring around my Second Life...

I'm finishing up the exploration of Second Life for my Emerging Instructional Technology course today and now that I've finished all seven "quests" we were sent on, I can firmly say that I do not like Second Life. I'm not saying that I don't see the purpose in it, because I do, but it's just not a section of technology that meshes well with me.

Okay, enough with the bashing. Let's talk more about my experience! Our final "quest" on Second Life was to create a tour of locations based on a theme. I chose art, because I like art and it seemed like something attainable to use. I searched around Second Life and found ten places that struck my fancy and typed up a little summary about each of theme on what's called a "Notecard", which you can visit via the links provided below! 

Second Life Art Gallery Tour
This gallery is home to real life nature photography by Seoreh Voight and Walt Ireton. The current displays exhibitions titled "C.A.L.L. Creators against Linden Tab TOS", "H20", and "Impresiones de la Gomera". 

This gallery is a pleasant labyrinth of unique and richly ambient art and furnishings. It's home to  a wide variety of artwork, from classic Greek pottery to contemporary art and photography. It is a very diverse collection of work; there's something here for everyone!

This location is much more than just an art gallery; it's an entire recreatied Californian city recreated in Second Life. Enjoy the main entertainment destinations of San Diego without even leaving your own living room.

This gallery is home to original vector and vector-based art by Zann Canto, with themes of peace, justice, and environment. It's a serene location and if you look closely, you might find a cat nursery! Another secret? The artist, in real-life, is an Education Technology Professional.

Silliest Kitty Abstract Art Gallery
This art gallery houses artwork created by the artist Bloo Ansar. The artwork is modern and fun to look at. There are six floors in this unique building, and  the top floor is a dance club! Save yourself some energy and use the Teleportation device to transport among all the artwork.

Dreamscapes Art Gallery
This gallery houses Home & Garden Designs by Carlotta Ceawlin. It's all original artwork and handcrafted furniture that you can buy and use to spice up your home! Pay attention in this location, because there's lots of little details.

Rose Theater & Art Gallery
Angel Manor uses many forms of art in this same location, including dance, music, opera, romance, theater, and artwork. It truly is a  celebration of the arts. 

The Studios on the Art Walk
This gallery is home to the work of Kelly Yap, Atlantis Jewel, Walt Ireton, and Ren Revnik. This location is simple but intriguing and nice an clean. If you make your way to the rooftop, you'll find a dance club!

Z&A Coffeehouse Art Studio
Less of a gallery, and more of an artistic hangout, this location allows you to kick back, dance, play, and enjoy artwork created in both Second Life and Real life. This place hosts DJ's every Tuesday & Friday from 7-9pm.

Arts & Culture for Peace & Healing
Also less of a gallery, and more of a hangout, is this location. Come here to enjoy aquatic sports, a Brazilian beach as well as a Peace Spa and Art Center to find your inner peace and serenity.

One really interesting thing that I encountered while conquering this quest was chatting with other people. While I was stressing out about getting my location project done, people were consistently chatting me everywhere I went. I talked to a Russian man for a few minutes (thank goodness for Google Translate!) and I had a great conversation later on with a woman named Zann Canto, who told me she was an Educational Technology Professional in real life! Crazy! The strangest part was, I ran into her at the Tierra Paz Art Gallery and underneath it, she had a small cat farm. She also mentioned that she had multiple Avatars on Second Life, each with their own identities and jobs; one is an artist, another is a cat-breeder, and the last one represents her Ed Tech background. Oh, the things you'll encounter on virtual reality. She gave me some advice about Second Life that was really helpful, and then we parted ways. It was a nice experience.

Once I finally figured out how to maneuver my way around the virtual world, I started to like it just a teensy bit more--but not by much! I had some glitches and had to restart my computer a couple of times to finish my "quest", but now that I'm done I feel pretty confident and proud of my work. 


  1. Emma,
    Sorry to hear that you don't like Second Life. Was it because of content or because of the interface? I understand that it can be frustrating at times. I like your tour. Especially enjoyed Tierra Paz. Did you ask where that woman does Ed Tech?

    Do you have suggestions for other virtual worlds?

    Thanks for your exploration.


  2. I'm not a huge fan because I quickly became frustrated with the interface. Once I got a hang of what to do it became much easier. I really enjoy the virtual reality program The Sims, and I think that's because it's very focused on building relationships (although fake) among Sims.

    The woman I talked to said she was originally from Nebraska and works at Boise State in Idaho!