Monday, September 30, 2013

My first Online Conference!

Today I attended my first ever Online Conference! It was a little strange at first, because I've never done anything so professional-sounding before. Once I got started, I realized that it was more or less like watching an recorded online lecture--much less intimidating and scary sounding than "Online Conference". Currently I'm taking an online class at UNI called Emerging Instructional Technology, where we meet once a week online for about an hour and a half in the same way. We use Adobe Connect Room and we have the capabilities to chat, share our webcam, and speak through a microphone. 

I attended an Online Conference via Blackboard Collaborate called "Student-Generated Apps for Mobile Devices – can they enhance higher levels of understanding?" and it was about an hour long recording. Although I couldn't participate in the lecture because it wasn't live, it was pretty cool to see other people participating via chat and listening to Derek Barkalow, who recorded the lecture all the way down in Florida!

He spent the lecture discussing how students can enhance their learning by creating their own apps. I didn't have any prior knowledge about how easy it is for students to create their own apps--there are so many resources out there that are user-friendly but still promote higher order thinking. Some examples Derek Barkalow provided were:

And those are just a few!  The students he used in his examples created apps that promoted learning in the classroom; one student created an app that taught the differences between DNA and RNA, Plant and Animal Cells, and then gave a quick quiz at the end to check learning. I never really considered where our apps come from--as far as I knew, they are just constantly pouring in from out of nowhere. To my surprise, my future students have the potential to create the next super-popular app!

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