Monday, September 23, 2013

Tweet, tweet!

Kids these days use Twitter. I'm aware of this because, quite frankly, I'm still a kid. I keep up with technology right now because I'm young and I'm part of the 21st Century group. What I'm worried about is getting older and more settled into my career as a Spanish teacher and losing touch with the "youngins". How do teachers stay cool? How do they keep up with what apps are popular and what social media sites their students are using? 

I recently did a week of field experience at my former high school and I swear to you, I heard the phrase "Oh em gee, did you get my Snapchat?" at least once per class period. My hope is to stay connected with my students as much as I can. I don't want to seem like I'm trying too hard, however, because students think that's pretty lame (from my personal experience). 

Photo retrieved from Mrs. Leak's Twitter account
I really like the idea of interactive communication that occurs in forms other than lecturing and discussion. I think using Twitter as a communication tool is fantastic! I found an article online that gave me a substantial amount of ways to incorporate Twitter in the classroom! I also found a Twitter account for a teacher named Mrs. Leak, who communicated with students via Tweet. Now that's a cool teacher.

Another way to connect with students while they're in the classroom is through an online questions & answer service. I've had tons of teachers and professors who have used Poll Everywhere to ask students questions. There are tons of options to customize the questions you ask and how answers can be submitted. Students can use computers or SmartPhones to respond. The best part is that you can hide students' answers so students don't skew others answers.

I can't wait to have my own classroom and use these tools! How can you use them in your class? What's your vision for communication in the classroom?

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