Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blogs about Blogging about Bloggity Blogs

Photo retrieved from Owen W Brown's flickr
There are so many blogs out there. Seriously! An infinite number of blogs. It's astounding! For these past couple of weeks I've been keeping up on two different language-teaching related blogs. The first one caught my attention because it's called Langwitches Blog. This blog has heaps of resources for me to use as a future language teacher--at first glance I assumed it was written and operated by a group of individuals, and I was incredibly surprised when I found out it was one woman. Her name is Silvia; she was born in Germany but grew up in Argentina. She blogs a lot about how to incorporate technology into learning, specifically globally connected learning and digital storytelling. What really makes the Langwitches blog useful is all the resources provided on the side bars; although it is a little bit visually overwhelming, after I took the time to read through each side bar I found a plethora of resources I could potentially use.

The second blog I've followed is called Senorita in the City. I liked this blog because the author is a young teacher in her fifth year of teaching in New York City. She sounded to me like a character from Sex & the City but in a more Spanish-teachery kind of way--which is right up my alley. Her name is Elouise Tomas and she hasn't updated her blog for about a year, which is sadly disappointing. I was expecting to see constant updates because she's such a young blog author, but I was incorrect. I did read most of her hold posts from 2012, however, and she gives a lot of fun opinions on the life of a language teacher. One of her posts is literally called "I'm tired of working for crazy people." If I ever met this Elouise Tomas in person, I think we would be very good friends.

What I'm wondering now is, as a future language teacher, how can I use blogging to my advantage? Perhaps I'll keep a semi-personal slash professional blog to document my journey as a teacher as I transition from newbie to veteran over the years. It would be a personal way to see how much I've changed and grown as a persona and a teacher. I'm also strongly considering using a blog as a means of keeping my students accountable for their own learning--I'll post my lessons so students don't feel like they're missing class if they physically didn't attend that day. I'll post homework assignments and exam review worksheets galore. It's going to be wonderful. So consider this--how will you use blogs to your advantage?


  1. Emma,I think that its great that you are following bloggers that will help you out in the future with teaching Spanish. Good luck to you!I think it is really fun to search for bloggers that have the same interests and understandings that you have.

  2. I am a BIG fan of LangWitches. Sylvia is an amazing distance educator. Look through her website to see the videos on Skyping and her program, Around the World in 80 Classes.

    I like your posting. It is well-considered and you provide me with resource links to find additional information.