Friday, September 27, 2013

¡Baila con tu cuerpo!

When I took language classes in middle school and high school, the things I remember the most came from lessons that were interesting and used different senses. There is scientific evidence that shows that students learn information better when it's presented in many ways--using all of the intelligences that Howard Gardner defined in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. I remember very clearly the information that was taught through songs, specifically. In my middle school French class, Madame Hopp taught us a sing-song chant of the French alphabet, and I can still recall it today. I remember learning about the body parts in Spanish through the song "Baila con tu cuerpo" because it's a catchy song and has some sweet dance moves that go with it. Not only does this work for foreign languages, but it can work for any subject!

I found a website online about Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory that gives teachers options to use technology to aid their lessons. She organizes all the technological resources by the multiple intelligence theory! It's laid out very nice and I suggest you take a look. As teachers, we have to assess our students to find out how they learn best and adapt our lesson plans to that. It's tough to differentiate for a larger size class, but it's possible! You can do it!

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  1. Hi Emma,

    Great post and very relevant to today's learner and teacher! It makes me think of how closely it follows the ideals of CAST and UDL!

    Universal Design for Learning says you should be providing multiple means of representation, expression and engagement in your classroom.

    It's a great time to be a teacher!