Sunday, September 29, 2013

A,B,C,D,Q,R Codes

Screenshot of Welcome Letter
I'm in love with QR codes. I learned how to create them and use them when I took Ed Tech & Design at UNI last spring. I didn't really understand their purpose at first, but the more I learned about them, the more I liked the idea of using them in my life. I use QR Stuff to create my QR codes because it's very user-friendly! I also use an app called "Scan" or "I-Nigma" to access the web links to the codes. I prefer "Scan" because it gives you option to open the link on an application on your SmartPhone, if you have the app already. For example, a QR code linked to a Twitter account opens automatically on the Twitter app, rather than in a browser. It's wonderful!

QR code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code and is an optically machine-readable label that is attached to an item and that records information related to that item. A QR code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera) and processed using Reed-Solomon error correction until the image can be appropriately interpreted; data is then extracted from patterns present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image.

Social Media Advertisement
I first started using QR codes as a Resident Assistant. I included a QR code in my Welcome Letter that linked the Bender Hall Facebook page and Twitter page so incoming residents could like and follow Bender to stay connected and be in the know about events and information regarding Bender Hall. I have the opportunity to control and update the Facebook and Twitter for Bender Hall and I've been working on gaining more followers since school started. I hung posters around the hall advertising with QR codes to make getting connected that much easier.

I'm excited to start using them as a teacher, once I graduate. I like the idea of having some kind of "mobile scavenger hunt" with QR codes posted around my classroom--but I'm being optimistic and imagining myself working in a 1:1 environment. I'm still brainstorming ways to subtly include QR codes into my lesson plans, but I could use some help. If you have any suggestions for me that you've heard of or (better yet) tried yourself, let me know in the comments!


  1. Love QR codes. I did a blog on them last semester with ed. tech. Its amazing how many ways they can be used! I am as well excited to think of ways to use them in the classroom.
    -Christa M

  2. Love how you have been using QR codes in as an RA. Think of them as a way to augment reality. What do you think?