Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Social Media in the Classroom

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Teaching high school students after I graduate will be much different than my experience as as high school student; technology is always changing and young adults are much more interested in expressing themselves online--creating their online identity, if you will. I think it's important to acknowledge that need in students and spin it into an educational light. I've read many articles and watched various videos about teachers who have used some kind of social media in a classroom environment; some teachers use a class Twitter account and post homework, others have a Facebook group available for class discussion. The opportunities with educational social media are endless.

According to an article written by Fran Smith, we should encourage sharing of ideas via social media because "...we live in a social world. We need to teach students how to be effective collaborators in that world, how to interact with people around them, how to be engaged, informed twenty-first century citizens." I liked this quote a lot because I think it is very true of the generation in school right now! They want to share their ideas with the world and get some kind of feedback--whether that be a "like" on Facebook or a "retweet" on Twitter. 

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