Sunday, March 3, 2013

Re-purposing Pinterest

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Since my freshman year of college I've been a member of the popular website we all know and love, Pinterest. Lots of women typically pin pictures of clothes, recipes, and quotes but I prefer to use Pinterest as a means of preparation for my future. I have a specific Pinterest board dedicated to "My Future Classroom" to help me remember ideas that may help me organize my classroom when I reach that point in my career. There are so many innovative, simple ideas available to keep me organized! I know I'll need them because it's a known fact that the first year of teaching is the most stressful. Pinterest is a great way to keep ideas that otherwise you might forget; sharing and repinning helps people stay connected and share ideas on a global scale. Pinterest can be a great educational tool when used proactively!

Here's a short YouTube tutorial on how to use Pinterest if you are interested in getting started!

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