Monday, March 18, 2013

Can students focus with technology in the classroom?

Each lecture I attend of Ed & Tech & Design, my eyes are opened a bit wider to the realm of technology and all of the ways I can use it in my classroom. In a general sense, it's pretty fascinating. I recently declared an Educational Technology minor because I like the idea of learning more ways to integrate technology into my future classroom. 

The one thing I'm worried about, in general, is that my students won't be able to focus on productive tasks if they are presented with some kind of technology, like an iPad, tablet, laptop, or whatever is new in two years when I have a teaching job. From what I've learned in Ed Tech & Design, high school students now are much better at multitasking and switching quickly between applications.

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My plan is to approach it like this: I'm going to try hard to use technology in an engaging way that students find relevant enough to pay attention on their own. I get distracted from my homework easily by websites like FacebookTwitter, and I Waste So Much Time. If my students can multitask and still be academically successful, is that a problem? It would be impossible for me to stay on task for an entire class period; why should I expect them to? If they don't succeed, I'll figure out why they're not engaged and fix it to meet their needs. 

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